• Precision outdoor fire design and furnishings

1/2″ Blue-jay Reflective Fire Glass

Tempered to withstand high temperatures without emitting any smoke or toxins. 1/2″ is the dimension between the two flat sides.


Our Blue-Jay Reflective Fire Glass is one of the most popular colors in our 1/2″reflective fire glass collection. The larger sized glass pieces offer enhanced air circulation for a better flame and heat production. Our stunning deep-blue hued fire glass has a mirrored finish on one side, and the classic color makes it a great fit for modern, classic or contemporary d̩cor. With or without flames, our reflective glass will be a colorful centerpiece to any indoor or outdoor feature.

Forget about traditional faux logs, lava rocks or firestones – our Blue-Jay Reflective Fire Glass is perfect for concealing unsightly plumbing, and accents your interior design aesthetic. Like all of our reflective fire glass, it is made from tempered glass to provide a heat-resistant, color-fast brilliance that will last a lifetime without fading, melting or degrading. In addition, our reflective fire glass doesn’t create ashes or soot, and doesn’t emit smoke or toxins into the environment.

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