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Clear Luster Fire Gems

Diamond-shaped fire glass nuggets are the perfect way to add an artistic touch to your fire feature. Approximately 1 inch in size and resembling over-sized precious gems.

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Say goodbye to drab and dreary outdated lava rocks, firestones and faux logs and introduce something eye-catching, artistic and unique into your fire feature – our brilliant, diamond-shaped clear fire glass nuggets!

Guaranteed to charm every onlooker, our Clear Luster Fire Gems are made of sparkling glass to add beauty to your indoor or outdoor fire feature, creating a stunning ambiance, whether your feature is lighted or not. Our Clear Luster Fire Gems are a high-quality premium product – their larger surface area creates a crystal-clear jewel-like sea for flames to dance and shimmer on.

Manufactured from tempered glass, our 1-inch over-sized precious gem-shaped fire glass nuggets are made to withstand high temperatures without losing their shape, or aesthetic appeal. Unlike wood, our modern, elegant, Clear Luster Fire Gems are a safe, clean burning product. They have no sharp edges, and won’t melt, degrade, or produce any harmful or polluting fumes. Better still, they don’t produce ash, soot or smoke, and require no after-use cleanup.

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